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2016 Year End Champions




Amateur Hunter Pleasure

Champion: Bri B Crystal Piece

Res. Champion: Cherrydale Ariella 


Amateur Western Pleasure

Champion: Sunny Acres Most Wanted  


Beginners Walk Trot Hunter Pleasure

Champion: Beta B Provoctive 

Res. Champion: Willow Hill Pollyanna

Third: Claim to Fame 


Beginners Walk Trot Hunter Equitation

Champion: Gianna Longobardi  

Res. Champion: Caprice Tondalo  

Third: Abby Harris


Classic Pleasure Saddle

Champion: Hylee’s Bushmill 

Res. Champion: Indian Creek Splendid Son


Classic Pleasure Driving

Champion: Indian Creek Splendid Son


Competitive Trail

Champion: Quietude Mackenzie  

Res. Champion: LBF Hickory Smoke


Jr.Ex Competitive Trail

Champion: Depot View Dynomite Dolly


 Hunter Pleasure

Champion: Treble’s High End Piece 

Res. Champion: MEM Joys First Star 


Dressage Intro & Training

Champion:  Windfield Fairy Dust

Res. Champion:  Flintwood in The Red


Western Dressage

Champion: Danville Dinero



Champion: CBMF Secret Crush

Res. Champion:  Rockridge Ben’s Image


In Hand 5 and Over

Champion: Cherrydale Ariella


Junior Exhibitor Hunter Pleasure

Champion: RJMF The Great Bambino 

Res. Champion: Man of My Word   

Third:  Meadowair Harley Davidson


Junior Exhibitor Working Hunter

Champion: Roy Els Sparta

Res. Champion: Preservation Hall 

Hunt Seat Equitation

Champion: Brigid Tesla  

Res. Champion: Gracie Hopwood

Third: Siobhan O’Sullivan


Outside Competion

Champion: Cedar Creek Yavari

Res. Champion: Roy El’s Sparta


Outside Equitation

Champion: Gracie Hopwood

Res. Champion: Siobhan O’Sullivan


Working Hunter

Champion: Roy Els Sparta

Res. Champion: Preservation Hall 


Morgan Time

Champion:  Loni Decelles  58 hours

Res. Champion: Stacey Stearns 44 ½ hours




Junior Exhibitor English Pleasure (Hunt/Saddle Seat)

Champion:  Bodini

Champion:  Meadowair Harley Davidson

Res. Champion:  Flintwood in The Red


Open English Pleasure (Hunt/Saddle)

Champion: Man of My Word

Res. Champion: MEM The Devil Inside 

To be eligible for year end awards
1. a minimum of 25 points must be acquired (excludes lead line)
2. Horses must be shown and judged two times in the same division at two shows/events
3. Two divisions of points awarded - Open and Morgan
For a complete rule list, see document page, year end awards.

Approved Pointed Shows 2017

April - UPHA Spring Premiere - 4X

June - Bethany - 2X

June - Connecticut Morgan - 5X

June -Summer Kick Off - 4X
June - Tri-State Horsemen Open Show - 2X

July -  SeaCoast - 4X

July - Connecticut Summer Classic - 2X

July - New England Morgan -5X
July - Tris-State Horsemen Open Show - 2X

August - Massachusettes Morgan - 4X
August - Tri-State Horsemen Open Show - 2X

September - Eastern States Exposition - 2X

September  - St Peters - 2X
September - Woodstock Fair - 2X

October - Octoberfest - 2X

*Email with point questions and concerns
*New England Morgan Horse Show prize lists available at:
*Open show prize lists available at: or


The Connecticut Morgan Horse Association, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the Morgan breed, preserving its history, marketing its versatility and enhancing its profile state wide. The organization is committed to appealing to all levels of involvement for its members and all levels of Morgan performance. 

The CMHA promotes educational activities, programs and events designed to enhance Morgan horse education, use and appreciation. In particular, youth involvement is stressed at all levels. By encouraging social activities and sharing mutual interests in the Morgan horse, its members gain a common bond which helps the organization accomplish its goals