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Morgan Division Points 

Amateur English Pleasure

Indian Creek Splendid Son      25

Amateur Hunter Pleasure

RJMF The Great Bambino, Owned and shown by Sara Pizzuto                25

Amateur Park Harness

Amateur Park Saddle

Amateur Pleasuring Driving

Fox Hollow Talk About Me              25.5

Indian Creek Splendid Son                5

Amateur Western Pleasure

JW Sporting Victory            42.5

Beginners Walk Jog Western Equitation

Beginners Walk Jog Western Pleasure

Beginners Walk Trot English Pleasure

Beginners Walk Trot Hunter Pleasure

Willow Hill Polly Anna                       18

Beginners Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation

Caprice Tondalo                  22

Beginners Walk Trot Saddle Seat Equitation

Jenna Blocher                          23


Classic English Pleasure

CBMF Ricochet                                        8

LNT Cassanova                                       6

Classic Pleasure Driving

LNT Cassanova                       10           

Combined Driving

Competitive Trail

Kerry Killarney                     45

Dressage Intro and Training

Speakeasy 84

Highover Oaklyn Starfire         29

Dressage level 1&2

Dressage level 3

Jr ex Dressage

Western Dressage

JW Sporting Victory                      2


Fitting and Showmanship

Hunt Seat Equitation

Brigid Tesla                             25.5

Lauren Santoro                        22

Alyssa McMahon                    7

In Hand 2 and Under

In Hand 3 and Over 

Banberry Hill Belletrist                19

Fox Hollow Talk About Me        13

Jr. Ex. Classic Pleasure

CBMF Ricochet                     16

Jr. Ex. Competitive Trail

Jr. Ex. English Pleasure

Jr. Ex. Hunter Pleasure

Sarde’s Still Smokin,                    22

Banberry Hill Belletrist               13

Mattina’s Splendition                    13

Sunny Acres Most Wanted           13

Flintwood’s in the Red                 11

MUR Cilantro                               5


Jr. Ex. Park Saddle

Jr. Ex. Pleasure Driving

Jr. Ex. Western Pleasure


Jr. Ex. Working Hunter

Speakeasy                               79

Preservation Hall                    65

Junior Horse Park

Junior Horse Pleasure

Daddy’s Gold                          16

Lead Line

Alexandria Teran                     16           

Devon Teran                            10

Gianna Longobard                   5

Open English Pleasure Saddle

Hillwood’s Irish Brogue          6.5

Indian Creek Splendid Son      6

Open Hunter Pleasure

BBC Giselle’s Stella Vision      26

MEM Joy’s First Star               15

Sunny Acres Most Wanted      13           

Mattina’s Splendition               11

Open Park Harness

Open Park Saddle

Open Pleasure Driving

Open Western Pleasure

JW Sporting Victory            2.5

Outside Competition

Speakeasy                                    34

Cedar Creek Yavari                  3              ***these are not current I have some questions

Preservation Hall                     3

Outside Equitation

Gracie Hopwood                      45.5

Sheridan Raley                         45.5  LeadLine

Mia Calegari                             30

Siobhan O’Sullivan                  15.5

Road Hack

Hillwood’s Irish Brogue          16

Banberry Hill Belletrist     14


Saddle Seat Equitation

Western Seat Equitaion

Working Hunter

Youth Pleasure

RJMF The Great Bambino, Owned and shown by Sara Pizzuto                   22

Morgan Time

Open Breed Division Points

Jr Ex Hunt Seat or Saddle Seat

Sunny Acres Most Wanted     43

MUR Cilantro  2

Jr Ex Western

Adult Hunt Seat or Saddle Seat

RJMF The Great Bambino   15

Adult Western

JW Sporting Victory           15




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